There is no such thing as more or less evolved. An organism is as evolved as it needs to be to survive in its given environment. If the environment changes, it adapts. If not, it dies.

This fact, however, remains oblivious to most. People tend to think of themselves as being at the top of some imaginary evolutionary ladder. That we are somehow biologically superior in form to other animals. The human species has indeed achieved remarkable things. Things that our four-legged, finned, or protozoan housemates could never have conceived: from supercomputers to vaccines to theories of the universe. …

Maximilian Schönherr

Until the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the idea of “social distancing” likely never crossed your mind. But today, from Singapore to the UK, it has become part of everyday vernacular. Here in Israel, people have been encouraged by the government to keep their distance from others, avoid public gatherings and, if possible, work from home. The logic: if people are less mobile and limit interaction, the contagion has fewer opportunities to spread. The slower it spreads, the less likely it is to overwhelm the healthcare system. …

As the coronavirus pandemic quickly covers the globe, national healthcare systems are overwhelmed, stock markets are crashing, and most international flights have grounded to a halt. This is not a drill.

Governments worldwide have declared a state of emergency, rolling out mass quarantine measures to “flatten the curve” in hopes of staggering the virus spread. Authorities in Hong Kong have been using wristbands to monitor those potentially infected, while in Israel, security services have been utilizing geolocation to enforce compliance. These are strange and trying times for everyone.

We know that at some point, the coronavirus pandemic will subside. …

Dale Aluf

Psychologist, Political Researcher & Analyst. Director of research and strategy, Sino-Israel Global Network. Appreciates nuance and complexity.

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